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KanOkla is an advocate for our communities, promoting rural life and small business development.We give back to our member communities through a matching grant program that rewards elbow grease and volunteerism – the glue that keeps our communities humming. To inspire small business development, we have a fantastic micro loan program through USDA and Rural Development (link RDLG info) to encourage startups launch an idea or grow an existing business. In support of all our businesses, we never charge a premium for business internet service.
Youth Engagement – KanOkla believes our youth are our future. We supports the 4H youth leadership programs at our 4 county & area fairs. We host a Student Advisory Group with 6 high school students serving as a sounding board for tech ideas. We award 8 high school students and 4 adults with scholarships to continue their pursuits with education or skill training. Every year in partnership with our FRS tour program (Foundation for Rural Service link), KanOkla sends 2 area youth to Washington DC to learn about telecommunications with a visit to the FCC, the USDA, and tour of many historical landmarks. Our skilled IT networking teams design and build networking solutions to 6 area schools, monitoring and meeting the ever-rising needs of youth education.
Cooperating out here on the prairie was vital to figuring things out and sharing the load. KanOkla is a member-owned cooperative and operated for the benefit of its members. Company profits are allocated back to our members in the form of capital credits, accumulating in their account until funds are retired. KanOkla members elect 7 directors to represent their areas within the regulated boundaries. Our current Board of Directors serve 15-year terms, meet monthly, and work diligently to serve our members’ interests in connectivity.

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