Broadband Wireless Internet

Interested in quality broadband in your home? KanOkla Networks is ready to deliver!


Up To 2 Mbps - $40/mo

Up to 5 Mbps - $50/mo

Up to 10 Mbps - $60/mo

Up to 15 Mbps - $80/mo

Up to 25 Mbps - $100/mo

Up to 40 Mbps - $200/mo

Available plans in your area can vary. Call to schedule your site test and see which will work for you.

All plans have a $150 Installation fee due at the time of install and a 12 month commitment.
Early termination fee does apply.

Give us a call at 800-KANOKLA (800-526-6552) or fill out the contact form Sign Me Up, and we'll send out one of our full time installers to site test your location for our fixed broadband wireless service. For more information about all the benefits of KanOkla's broadband services, be sure to read Why KanOkla Broadband?

Please see other options if you are within our Telephone Footprint or in Osage County.

What Our Customers Say -

Everyone we talk to at KanOkla was very helpful, courteous, kind and we switched. The tech came out was here when he said, very nice, talked the whole time to my husband, who is very picky how things are done, the tech told him everything he was doing and he was happy about the instillation. Didn't take long. Very happy and alo saved us money and got a faster speed. Now we both can be on our laptops and watch a movie without buffering, WOW. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for YOUR SERVICE, TECS, AND ALL INVOLED!

C. Hahn

The customer service and the technician were very friendly. I have only been a customer for 5 days, but am very pleased so far. Much better than my previous internet provider.

M. Budde