The Design Studio Meets Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt

KanOkla Design Studio provides web design, graphic, and video services to a wide range of clients. One of our most recent projects was for Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt. Jeff is known worldwide for being the voice of the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Working Ranch Radio Show”. Jeff has to market himself just like any other business, or person, that wants to succeed. KanOkla Design Studio helped him create a new portable banner, business card, promotional giveaway, and a 4x6 multi-page marketing handout. Here is what Jeff had to say about his needs and his experience working with KanOkla Design Studio.

“I actually wear a few different hats, and sometimes all at the same time. I am a professional rodeo announcer, professional keynote speaker, host of a nationally syndicated radio show, and own a commercial cow/calf operation, just to name a few. I have deadlines and schedules that have to always be adhered to. So this constant on the go lifestyle that I lead leaves me with very little time during the work day to tackle any other projects. And I have to say KanOkla Design Studio takes care of my needs like no other. It can many times be very confusing to describe what I need designed or how it appears in my head to my design team. I may have one idea and they have another. But my crew at KanOkla takes the time to make sure what I see in my mind is exactly what will eventually appear on my marketing and promotion material. And moreover, they will give me direction and suggestions. So it’s not just my ideas and concepts, but OUR ideas and concepts. They take a complete ownership approach to our projects. A great team that I will never go without again!” - Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt

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Article was a team effort by Jeff Erhardt and Mark Cope

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