Eco Devo

KanOkla is committed to making our communities great places to live by retaining existing jobs and creating new ones.
Keeping our communities connected by providing the best in communications technology is just one of our missions. We strengthen our rural communities by promoting and building on existing economic and community development efforts, and partnering with local governments and civic groups.
Grantwriting, site selection, access to state and local incentives, and community development are a few of the services we provide.
You’ll find KanOkla Country is the ideal place to raise a family, retire, or start a business. Our communities have access to the technology of the big cities with the simplicity, peacefulness, and hometown values of a small community. Quality of life, low student-to-teacher ratio, lack of traffic, and advanced technology to maximize your business potential are just a few advantages of rural life in KanOkla Country.
For assistance on economic development, please contact Pam Schneider, Economic Development at 620-845-5682 or

Here are just a few videos to show how we support our communties.