Have an IT technician without the expense of extra labor.

  • keep you connected
  • maintain your network
  • protect your computers/servers from viruses, spyware, and malware
  • store your files offsite and back them up routinely

Extend your connections.

With Point-to-Point networking you can extend your network to outbuildings,
garages, and more without increasing your regular monthly cost.

Advantages of a Point-to-Point Network:

Speed: Transport large volumes of information instantly over a secure network.
Security: With limited user accessibility, information shared is secure.
Accessibility: Lines remain connected at all times.

Contact us today to see what options are available for you.

What is the "CLOUD" and why do you need it.

The term "cloud computing" is everywhere.
In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. The cloud is just a metaphor for the Internet.

Take control of your Internet.

With KanOkla's Cloud Firewall.

Control content viewed on your Internet connection.
- Facebook, YouTube, Gaming Sites
Nightly backup of all your files and folders.
- Keep your files safe and secure from loss
Increase your network security.
- Help keep hackers and viruses out

Contact us today for details.

Replace your expensive mail server for a fraction of the cost with Google Apps.

For just $6/mo per user and you get ALL of this.

25GB storage • Calendar • Doc Storage • Group Chat • Video Chat

We also offer custom services to get you started:

• Complete Staff Training
• Migration Services – migrate current email over to Google Apps.

Contact us for details.

Why is my internet slow?

Buffering video streams, internet pages can't be displayed, video games disconnecting right in the middle of battle.

These are all symptoms of poor bandwidth management. When this happens, you could increase your bandwith. But, does your cell phone really need to be using 10Mb of service when it is in your pocket? There are other ways to limit your individual devices' bandwidth usage without increasing your monthly internet costs. Ask our IT Staff about taking back control of your internet usage.

Contact us to see what options you have.

Safeguard AV

Auto removal of viruses and trojans
Block banner ads & Internet pop-ups
Spyware detection & removal
Personal firewall


Safeguard Computer

An insurance that covers all labor to your computer when brought in for service and/or repair*


* Does not include hardware replacement costs.

Safeguard Network

Home router maintenance
Free wireless router with remote manage/set up
Includes Static IP address


Your local smart home experts.

If you are curious about how a smart home can simplify your life, come in and talk to one of our IT Techs. They can walk you through some of the many options there are for implimenting a smart home, order you the equipment you need, and install it for you as well.

Your neighborhood
computer doctor.

Dealing with a slow or broken computer can be a royal pain and we know that. So, instead of letting your computer give you a royal headache, bring it down to us! We will check it out and get you a quote before any repair work is done so you know exactly what the costs will be.

Computers needing repair should be taken to the
KanOkla Store
21 N Main • Caldwell, KS.

If you need your computer done in a certain amount of time,
please ask for a time frame before leaving.

Diagnostic Fee

diagnose & propose solutions

Virus/Spyware Removal

remove viruses and spyware, Install anti-virus software

Data Transfer

copy specific folder back to computer after reloading OS

Data Recovery

Recover deleted files

Software Install

Install software and run updates.

Install Hardware

Install Hard Drive, CD/DVD drive, Video Card, etc.

Prices are hourly only and do not include any required software or hardware.

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