Am I Eligible?

If your household's income is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for a Lifeline Program discount. To determine if your household meets this criteria, use our federal poverty guidelines eligibility chart. This chart is updated each year. Find the total number of members of your household in the left column, and your household location (Alaska, Hawaii, or 48 U.S. states and D.C.), and if your household is at or below the listed household income, your household may be eligible for a Lifeline Program discount.
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Apply For Lifeline

Select a participating telephone company in your state. See the Lifeline Program interactive map of the U.S. and select your state for a comprehensive list of participating companies in your state. If you already know the telephone company you would like to use, use the interactive map to make sure your telephone company participates in the Lifeline Program or call. You can also call your telephone company directly to ask if they participate in the Lifeline Program.
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Verify My Identity

Once you submit your completed application (with additional documentation) to your telephone company, they will process your application and enroll you in the Lifeline Program. Your application information will be entered into a USAC database that will verify your identity and check to make sure your household is not already receiving a Lifeline Program discount. To check your identity, USAC will work with your telephone company to complete a Third Party Identity Verification (TPIV). In most cases, the information provided will be verified and you will be enrolled in the Lifeline Program and eligible to receive your discount soon thereafter.
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Companies Near Me

Use the pre-screening tool or see the Am I Eligible? page to learn whether you qualify for a Lifeline Program discount. If you have already determined that you are eligible, click on your state below to locate a Lifeline Program telephone company near you.
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Keeping Lifeline

If you receive a Lifeline Program discount, you must certify each year that 1) you are still eligible to receive the Lifeline Program discount and that 2) no one else in your household is receiving a Lifeline Program discount.
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Change My Company

You may transfer your Lifeline discount to another company no more than once every sixty (60) days. To transfer your benefit to another company, contact a different company that offers Lifeline and ask them to transfer your Lifeline benefit to them.
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USAC and My Company

USAC, the Universal Service Administrative Company, is not a telephone company. We administer the federal universal service fund for the Lifeline Program and work with telephone companies to provide eligible households with a monthly discount on either their landline or wireless phone service.
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Lifeline Program Issues

Most issues related to the Lifeline Program must be resolved by your telephone company. USAC does not have access to your telephone account, your billing information, your Lifeline application, or your identity documentation. For the issues listed in the steps below, most actions are handled by your telephone company, however you may be able to receive assistance for certain issues through other agencies.
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