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We have a full time Videographer on staff! (and yes, I stole this photo straight off of his Facebook... don't tell him!)

I invite everyone to give Sam Futhey a great big WELCOME to the KanOkla Design Team Family. We are THRILLED to have him come on as a full time member of the team.

If you are not aware of all the great things Sam has been doing and will continue to do, here is a quick list:

Google WHAT? Business View?

YES! Business View! It is an exciting new product that we are going to be offiering right here at KO Design Studio! Curious what it is? Well, it is pretty awesome is what it is! It allows your customers, or potential customers, see inside your store right from your Google listing! And yes, every business has a Google listing, just depends on if you have claimed it or not (and, yeah, we can help with that too!)

Good Font, Bad Font: 5 Simple Ways to Tell the Gems From the Junk

It is always a great thing when clients walk in with a clear idea of the direction they want to go with a design.

Sometimes, that means they have even done the research on what fonts they want to use.

The bummer is when I have to tell them that the type face they have spent so much time, blood, sweat, and tears selecting isn't going to work in the situation/design we are working on for them.

To help with this issue, here is a great article about how to spot bad type and avoid it from the get go and how to figure out what font might be best for your project.


Why Use Quality Images?

Why should you worry about the quality and composition of the photos you are using in your adverts?

Well - that is pretty easy to answer really.

Would YOU rather buy from a company that takes pride in their products and services or one that takes photos with bad lighting and you can't even tell what the product is? What about photos that are so grainy that you can't tell for sure the quality of the product?

The Design Studio Meets Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt

KanOkla Design Studio provides web design, graphic, and video services to a wide range of clients. One of our most recent projects was for Jeff “Tigger” Erhardt. Jeff is known worldwide for being the voice of the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Working Ranch Radio Show”. Jeff has to market himself just like any other business, or person, that wants to succeed. KanOkla Design Studio helped him create a new portable banner, business card, promotional giveaway, and a 4x6 multi-page marketing handout.

A Professional is Expensive, but an Amateur Costs a Fortune

This is an interesting article I found on LinkedIn.
It was written by Stephen M. Meade and if you would like to see it in it's native form you can go here.

Have you ever had a project where you tried to get the best deal?

Did you look at the cost of the professional and think, “wow that’s expensive”?

You then search around and find a neighbor, cousin, or intern to do the job for you.

Schedule Two Weeks Out - When You Can!

As I'm sure most of you know, we really work hard to try and fit projects in to our schedule as much as we can. Sometimes that means working late to get everything done when our schedule is already full. We really appreciate it when our clients (YOU) can give us at least a week notice (if not two!) on any changes or new projects you have. Even if you don't have all the details yet for a project, give us a call or drop us an email letting us know it will be coming soon so we can get you on the schedule.

We Love to Talk... But...

Our time is getting more and more valuable as we work hard to meet the deadlines of our customers - which is of course YOU!

And that means, we really need to know, and schedule, times to have a good long chat about your website, or your postcard, or your brochure. It doesn't mean we don't want to talk to you, it just means we might not always have the time available to give you the attention you need - and that isn't good for either of us.

Because of this, we are going to start having scheduled "chat" times when we will accept phone calls of any length.