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Key Systems - Connecting your business.

Having a reliable phone system is an important part of running a business.
So, what is a key phone system?
It is a traditional and basic type of business phone system that works well for smaller companies. Key System telephones have multiple buttons that represent individual lines. They also offer an array of features a traditional phone system can’t. In fact, a Key System offers every basic calling feature most small businesses need, such as hold buttons, speakerphone, paging, intercom, memory dialing, timers and long-distance restriction capabilities. With a Key System you can also call extensions within your office.
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Residential - $28.15 | Business - $31.15
Business Multi Line - $33.85


Residential - $30.99 | Business - $33.24
Business Multi Line - $35.86

Shilder Area

Residential - $28.65 | Business - $30.15
Business Multi Line - $32.85

Wynona Area*

Residential - $29.96 | Business - $55.40
Business Multi Line - $58.10

All of the above prices are before taxes, fees and any applicable surcharges.
These are posted for information only, call 611 to get exact charges. *Inclues The Wide Area Calling Plan

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