Why Use Quality Images?

Why should you worry about the quality and composition of the photos you are using in your adverts?

Well - that is pretty easy to answer really.

Would YOU rather buy from a company that takes pride in their products and services or one that takes photos with bad lighting and you can't even tell what the product is? What about photos that are so grainy that you can't tell for sure the quality of the product?

Something else to consider - is the background on your photos super busy with other objects? Does it take away from the product itself? What about the colors? If the lightening is off, the colors probaby are too.

I know I KNOW! So may things to think about. You may not even realize it, but your subconscious is directing you towards the product with the better photos automatically and your customers are doing the same thing.

Want better photos? You can do two things - hire a professional (which is out of the price range for a lot of small businesses) OR learn a few tips and tricks to take your own.

Interested in learning? Check out this article at Pixelz for some great tips.

credit - Pixelz.com

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